Company Overview

Virgin-landmarts is a Nigerian real estate company headquartered in Lagos. Established to solve the dearth in global housing ownership as well adding value to individual and organization on a timely and consistent basis.

Our core business include Real Estate, Building construction with modern architectural design and property management. We are a team of highly skilled professionals, trained and equipped with the necessary tools to distinguish ourselves in the Real Estate industry.

Customer satisfaction is imperative to us; we strive to give our clients value for their money. First, we understand your Real Estate needs and we work with your budget to provide you what you require. We are devoid of mediocre services, professionalism and effective service delivery is what we are all about.

Our Vision at Virgin LandMarts is;

  • to be the foremost provider of professional real estate service in our core business area.

At Virgin LandMarts our core mission is:

ensuring we provide high quality serene and secured environment for our customers.

At Virgin-Landmarts, we are known for exceptional service delivery. Our major services include:

1. Real Estate
2. Property Facility management
3. Construction

  • Standard
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Excellence

Our Pioneers

The pioneers of Virgin-landmarts Limited are trendsetters in the Real Estate Industry and they are always providing top-notch services in every sphere of real estate from scratch to finish. Our Pioneers are made up of well-informed, grounded and committed investors from different parts of the world, Asians, Arabians, Turkish and indigenes of Nigeria. These are skilled personnel in their respective areas of expertise which ranges from Architecture, Civil Engineering, Building & Construction, Facility Management, Land Surveyors and Realtors. Their mission is a willful commitment to ensuring that the lacuna currently plaguing Housing & Accommodation is bridged and surmounted.

Management Team

Our Management team comprises of diligent, hardworking, committed, innovative and creative individuals with a passion for integrity, excellence, transparency and standard which are the core values of our organization. These are professionals from different fields who have come together with the purpose of growing the brand to an enviable height. Our Management team are readily available to ensure that our services reaches people of all class, Middle Class, High Class and even the low class.

Our Management team always aligns their belief system with that of the renowned Theorist, Abraham Maslow whose fundamental principles borders on man’s physiological needs in which housing comes amongst the three priorities of life.

Take a ride with us and you would be glad you did.